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Hiring- CNA

By Altra Healthcare - February 5, 2018

We are hiring CNAs! We have several openings for CNAs in Indiana, near Louisville, KY. Openings are contract to hire, full time, day shift 6am-6:30pm.


Will assist nursing by giving direct resident care and help to meet the social, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs of the resident and assist the resident to utilize restorative and rehabilitative nursing principle to restore and maintain the resident’s maximum level of function.

Complete assignments in a correct, efficient manner. Recognize changes in the resident and report them to the charge nurse.

Learn procedures necessary to the care of each resident.

Keep technical information and general knowledge up to date through attendance of in services. Foster self-respect and self-esteem in each resident, as well as themselves, by consistent and sincere acceptance, kindness, and understanding of those entrusted to his/her care.


  • Receive report and assignment at the beginning of each shift from the charge nurse. Report to the charge nurse during the course of the shift any changes in resident condition: physical, mental, and/or behavioral. Complete the work assignment efficiently and correctly. Report to the charge nurse at the end of the shift the general overall condition of the resident, and level of function. Work hall/group assigned.
  • Attend to all activities of daily living needs that the resident is unable to complete for themselves, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, and ambulation. Assist or supervise ADL function for activities the resident is able to perform for their self. This includes care of hair, teeth, nails, etc. Attend to these needs throughout the shift. Assist resident to and from therapies and activities as needed. Encourage and enforce restorative programs.
  • Perform special procedures as assigned by the charge nurse specific o a resident such as tpr, intake and output, catheter care, urine/stool specimens, weights, use of cane/walker, side rails on bed, and demonstrate knowledge and ability to apply restraints properly.
    Express knowledge of all transfer techniques, proper body positioning of resident, as well as proper body mechanics for yourself and the resident.
  • Know how to use, care for, clean, and disinfect equipment. Know how to take proper care of residents environment (room), personal belongings (closets, drawers kept organized), and how to assist with general cleaning of utility and services areas as assigned.
  • Record all AOL, special procedures, and effect or results on restorative programs and resident daily record, restraint record, or bladder and bowel record. Update weekly summary of restorative progress. Add any belongings to inventory that the family brings in after initial admission.
  • Express knowledge of all safety measures and precautionary techniques to prevent and inhibit accidents, injury, and infection.
  • Express knowledge of the Fire and Disaster Evacuation Procedures, location of fire extinguishers, and how to use them correctly.
  • Attend in services as scheduled. All CNAs must have 12 hours per year of continuing education. Knowledge of personnel policies and resident care policies and procedures is required. Assist with orientation of new personnel. Attend all scheduled staff meetings.
  • Assist charge nurse as directed.
  • Refer all questions by family members or visitors regarding resident condition, care, or needs to charge nurse.


  • Must have satisfied the requirements of the state of Indiana and successfully completed a 105 hour basic nursing assistant class. Must be certified by the Indiana State Board of Health.
  • High school education or equivalent preferred but not absolutely necessary.
    Good physical condition, emotional maturity, and exhibit ability to lift and transfer residents.
  • Kind, courteous, and sincere interest in caring for the residents in long term care.
  • Willing to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • Working congenially with others; able to communicate effectively with others and take direction.
  • Family obligation must not be a hindrance to the stability of service.
  • Holds certificate for CNA or one year experience prior to July 1986.