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Healthcare Staffing Trends for 2018

By Altra Healthcare - January 22, 2018

The life of a staffing agency professional is chock full of never ending to do lists. Keep in touch with current clients, reach out to new prospects, maintain and build relationships with candidates while finding new candidates, follow up emails, putting contracts in place... The list goes on and on. By the time we get a handle on the current staffing trends, new trends take over. 

2018 is no different. The best way healthcare staffing professionals can tackle the new trends is to be prepared and be knowledgeable of them. Here is a list of noteable 2018 healthcare staffing trends:
  • High churn rates due to low healthcare unemployment. The high demand for workers combined with the tight labor supply can increase the need for organizations to use temporary and temp-to-hire workers.
  • The shortage of healthcare professionals can mean that staffing firms may have diffuculty growing in 2018. Competition between agencies for qualified talent can be fierce.
  • Due to the short labor supply, workers will leverage larger salaries, which in turn, will mean higher revenues for staffing agencies from higher bill rates.
  • Political uncertainty in 2018 can lead to uncertainty for both healthcare organizations and staffing firms. Staffing firms will be wise to closely monitor any changes to state and federal regulations and react accordingly.
  • International candidates continue to be a viable source of healthcare workers despite political immigration issues. Workers with legal status to work are a key way that firms and healthcare organizations can fill vacancies and increase the nation's labor supply.
By staying ahead of key staffing trends, healthcare staffing agencies can be prepared to fill vacancies for their clients as quickly as possible, which as we all know, is the best outcome for everyone!