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Revenue Cycle Director

Revenue Cycle Director


General Description

Works under the supervision of the Chief Financial officer.  Coordination of succeeding revenue cycle activities to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement to facility and providers in accordance with state and federal requirements. Manages the workflow and performance outcomes of Insurance Verification, Account Auditing, Certified Coding, Patient Financial Counseling, Accounts Receivable Billing and Collections, Patient Accounting Customer Service, and Charge Entry functions for facility.


Provides oversight of quality and productivity standards for these departments.  Ensure effective interdepartmental communication, workflow, and procedures are in place to meet the goals of the departments and the facility.  Provides effective personnel management for the departments, including performance reviews, staff development, and discipline.  Determines and manages appropriate staffing levels based on the types and volume of work.  Provides policy recommendation and development related to quality outcomes and workflows pertaining to areas of responsibility, departmental operations, and other areas as required. Must demonstrate the ability to continuously improve the delivery and outcomes of quality patient/customer care from both financial and customer service perspectives, in accordance with patient safety standards, and Prowers Medical Center standards of excellence and Code of Conduct.  Performs other duties as required.


Reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Special Demands

Mental: Astute communication skills with administration, employees, physicians, patients/visitors and public. Ability to adjust to job situations, which involve many different people and projects, requiring independent action and judgment.


Education/Experience:  Minimum of 5-7 years’ experience in Healthcare Revenue Cycle required.

Prior Management/Leadership experience required. Demonstrated project discipline and business and industry

acumen. Knowledge of state and federal regulations. Experience leading healthcare based projects/programs strongly preferred

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Operating Room Nurse

Operating Room Nurse


A clinically competent Registered Nurse (RN) who is a professional member of the surgical team within the organizational structure of the Surgical Services Department.  All Operating Room Registered Nurses are expected to maintain proficiency in planning, organizing, directing, executing and evaluating all aspects of patient care within the surgical setting with additional proficiency expectations in the surgical technologist, pre-operative, and P.A.C.U. roles dependant upon areas of expertise, years of experience, and staffing needs. The RN facilitates patient care and the OR schedule to ensure on-time case starts and efficient case turnover, coordinates supply, instrument, and equipment needs, and provides clinical expertise. Professional nursing staff are expected to attain knowledge and competency that reflects current nursing practice following professional practice standards and guidelines, relevent statutues, rules and regulations. All RN's are expected to complete training, education, and orientation to new procedures and processes within the department and throughout the organization. Nurses function collaboratively with patients, families, and others in the conduct of nursing practice and are able to integrate ethical provision in all areas of practice. Nurses consider factors related to safety, effectiveness, cost and impact on practice in the planning and delivery of nursing services at Gunnison Valley Hospital.

Education: Graduation from an accredited school of nursing.
Experience: One or more years of O.R. nursing experience preferred. 
Licenses: RN licensed in the State of Colorado, or compact license.
Certifications: Requires current BLS certification, ACLS within the first year and maintained thereafter. Applicant may complete PALS after hire at the discretion of the Director of Surgical Services. CNOR is preferred.

  • Quality – completes work with accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Productivity – efficiently utilizes time in accomplishing work.
  • Reliability – completes tasks assigned; follow up as needed.
  • Availability – meets attendance standards; is punctual; works when needed.
  • Decision Making – displays sound judgment; works with minimal supervision
  • Initiative – seeks out productive duties in absence of guidance; is a self starter.
  • Demonstrates professional communication skills with co-workers, physicians, other staff members, patients and patients' families. Communicates, consults, and interacts with team members to share pertinent information in a clear, concise and tactful manner. 
  • Cross trains and floats to other areas of the Surgical Services Department as required (Must demonstrate proficiency and have completed competency check off for each area scheduled. Example: Pre-op/PACU, Scrub role, Central Sterile, etc.)
  • Maintains patient confidentiality and privacy; respects patient’s individual rights.
  • Provides age specific nursing care to all age populations.
  • Provides culturally specific care to diverse cultural populations.
  • Adheres to policy – follows all Surgical Services, PACU and facility wide policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Acts within circulating nurse role for all specialties in order to maintain skills.
  • Provides patient safety in the OR at all times.
  • Prepares for assignements/surgical cases beforehand. Utilizes surgeon specific preference sheets. Updates preference sheets as needed.
  • Verifies patient identity and operative procedure according to policy.
  • Anticipates and provides cost effective equipment/supplies based on patient needs; assures equipment and supplies are functional prior to use; operates equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions; verifies availability of supplies and equipment prior to each procedure.
  • Notes the condition and integrity of the patient’s skin. Document any abnormalities, injuries, rashes, lesions, scars, and/or previous surgery.
  • Reports deviations in diagnostic studies such as lab values, radiology, and EKG reports.
  • Identifies the presence/absence of internal and external prosthetic devices, implants, etc.
  • Notes any sensory impairment (hearing, visual, tactile, etc.)
  • Notes nutritional status of patient, NPO status; actual body weight.
  • Verifies and documents an allergy in an appropriate manner.
  • Documents unusual/abnormal findings on nursing documentation; notifies physician and CRNA as indicated
  • Conducts sponge, sharps, and instrument counts according to policy.
  • Demonstrates accuracy in preparation and administration of medications according to policy.
  • Ensures safe transfer technique; selects appropriate personnel for safe transfer and transport; assists with transfers and positioning as indicated or requested.
  • Ensures correct patient positioning with consideration of age, size and physiologic factors. Uses positioning devices correctly. Applies proper principles of patient body alignment.
  • Works within a sterile field; maintains sterility of items opened; discards contaminated materials immediately.
  • Ensures the highest standard of sterile technique used during surgical procedures. Adheres to AORN standards for aseptic technique and initiates appropriate action when break occurs. Applies knowledge of infection control. Demonstrates surgical conscience at all times within the operating room.
  • Performs peri-operative skin prep according to policy.
  • Assists anesthesia as needed. Knowledgeable of anesthetic agents, techniques, actions, interactions, intra-operative medications and reversal agents.
  • Performs or participates a time out for each patient according to policy.
  • Handles specimens according to policy.
  • Collaborates with all members of the health care team to plan, implement, and evaluate patient’s status and treatment plan.  Uses approved SBAR format for all caregiver to caregiver patient handoffs.
  • Completes all appropriate OR charges at the end of each shift.
  • Performs or assists with cleaning and turnaround of operating rooms according to policy in a safe and timely manner.
  • Reports broken or malfunctioning equipment to the appropriate personnel and completes the appropriate paperwork/documentation as needed.
  • Properly completes the initial interview, medication reconciliation, anesthesia protocols, and patient education as required by policy.
  • Knowledgeable of anesthetic agents, techniques, actions, interactions, intraoperative medications and reversal agents.
  • Assists with orientation and training of new personnel
  • Asks questions, seeks out sources of information, demonstrates motivation in continuing education and strengthening his or her own circulator skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to perform effectively in stressful situations.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in computer charting.
  • Participates in the completion of the daily check list at the end of each shift.
  • Completes competency check offs by assigned deadlines.
  • Completes monthly cleaning assignments by deadlines.
  • Able to function independently on call.
  • Adheres to policy Attire in the Operating Room and wears name badge.
  • Completes patient care activities during the assigned shift; effectively organizes work schedule and personal time; willingly assists other staff; as needed, works extra time necessary to meet patient needs; demonstrates ability to adjust to department census/acuity level. Willingly accepts new, temporary, and special assignments.
  • Demonstrates awareness of personal accountability and compliance with Joint Commission and performance improvement standards.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills as evidenced by team management, effective communication and delegation.
  • Participates in process improvement and consistently offers solution based input into improving nursing practice.
  • Promptly reports all variances in care and safety issues in Risk Web.
  • Effectively communicates any concerns to supervisor and uses chain of command to address issues.
  • Attends departmental staff meetings, and 100% of any mandatory meetings/trainings. If unable to attend a departmental staff meeting the minutes must be reviewed and initialed during the next available shift.
  • Participates in drills and emergency response training
  • May be called in for GVH disaster response.
  • Other duties as assigned.
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The HIM Coder position reviews, analyzes, and codes diagnostic and procedural information for hospital accounts. The primary function of this position is to perform ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-PCS coding.  The coding function is performed in compliance with established coding guidelines, third party reimbursement policies, government and state regulations, and accreditation guidelines.  This position requires analytical skills and attention to detail.  The HIM Coder will communicate in a professional manner with physicians and health system staff. 
Education:  Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.  Formal training in ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding required. 
Experience:  A minimum of 3-5 years of  hospital coding preferred.  Experience with the 3M encoder preferred.
Licenses/Certification: Coding certification through AHIMA preferred.  Must have CCS certification within 6 months of hire. 
·         Observes professional ethics in maintaining confidential information concerning the personal, financial, medical, or employment status of a patient of  GVH and their families.
·         Evaluates documentation, assigns, and sequences ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes for hospital outpatient health records and ensures the final diagnoses and operative procedures as stated by the physician are valid and complete.
·         Evaluates documentation, assigns, and sequences ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes for hospital inpatient health records and ensures the final diagnoses and operative procedures as stated by the physician are valid and complete.
·         Abstracts all necessary information from health records to identify secondary complications and co-morbid conditions.
·         Performs a comprehensive review of the health records to ensure the presence of all component parts required according to the nature of the treatment provided.
·         Assigns modifiers as appropriate.
·         Maintains accurate coding according to established quality and productivity standards.
·         Provides feedback and focused queries regarding incomplete or missing documentation clarification to appropriate staff and physicians.
·         Reviews claims denials and rejections pertaining to coding and medical necessity issues and provides information to Supervisor for appropriate dissemination.
·         Maintains coding accuracy rate of 95% per outside coding audits.
·         Demonstrates commitment to professional growth through participation in professional organizations, workshops, educational programs, review of literature, in-services, and staff meetings.
·         Cooperates with others in the health system to meet department and hospital requirements and goals.
·         Communicates non-compliance or other issues to the HIM Supervisor in a timely and appropriate manner.
·         Provides feedback to the HIM Supervisor to ensure the department processes are continually improving.
·         Demonstrates motivation and accepts other duties as assigned by the HIM Supervisor.
·         Participates in drills and emergency response training.  May be called in for GVH disaster response.
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Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Therapist


Provide comprehensive therapeutic and diagnostic respiratory care to both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Administer care under the direction of ordering physicians and under the supervision of the Cardiopulmonary Director. Possess and demonstrate knowledge and skill in areas of respiratory care for the adult, pediatric and newborn patient. Have a working knowledge of Pulmonary Function Studies and the administration of testing. Assist in the orientation and training of new clinical staff to familiarize them to the administration of respiratory therapy modalities and equipment. Be involved with community education and development.

Respiratory Services available in-house 7 days a week (7am to 5:30pm). Weekend day scheduling done on a rotational basis according to staffing resources. Additional Respiratory Services provided on-call by scheduled staffed therapist with a maximum response time to the hospital of 20 min.

Education:  Graduate of an approved and accredited school for Respiratory Care. 
Experience: At least one year experience in the acute Respiratory Care medicine to include: General Floor Care, Emergent Medical and Trauma Stabilization/Treatment, Newborn Stabilization; Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics and Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation preferred.
Licenses/Certification:  Current BLS/ACLS and NRP certifications. Registered by the National Board for Respiratory Care. Licensed to practice respiratory care in the State of Colorado. Member of the American Academy of Respiratory Care (AARC).
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Sr. Accountant (Healthcare)

Sr. Healthcare Accountant

The Senior Accountant position is responsible for a variety of duties including month-end bank and balance sheet account reconciliations, generating monthly journal entries, generating monthly reports used in the department and assisting with the preparation of schedules for the annual audit. This position will work closely with all members of the Finance Department to ensure the smooth flow of operations.

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting required.     
Experience:  Minimum of two years accounting experience within a hospital setting, 3 years or more preferred. Must have experience and familiarity with cost and DSH report, closing month-end, balance sheet reconciliation, journal entry creation, ad hoc reporting, fixed assets, and working with outside auditors. Knowledge of accounting principles; ability to use Windows, Excel and Word Programs.      
Licenses/Certification:  None required; CPA is a plus.
  • Promote the mission, values, and vision of the hospital.
  • Maintain specified hospital and clinic financial records; maintains and reconciles account ledgers; maintains and enters monthly journal entries, maintains and reconciles bank accounts.
  • Analyzes accounts to trace discrepancies or errors.
  • Assist in developing and maintain advanced Excel spreadsheets for a variety of applications.
  • Assist in preparation of internal departmental budgets and submits periodic budget reports to executive team and managers.
  • Assist in preparation of annual cost report & DSH report.
  • Assist in preparation for annual independent audit. Provides accurate and reliable information as needed for any other reports or audits as requested.
  • Submit reports and respond to inquiries from state and federal agencies, third-party payers, and other outside parties.
  • Assist in preparation of reports and financial statements for Board Meetings.
  • Analyze and monitors financial data, trends, and indicators. This review and analysis is both on a standard, ongoing basis as well as on request.
  • Assess financial impact of proposed services and programs and monitors financial cost/benefit of existing programs and services.
  • Analyze the Charge Master.
  • Analyze and report fiscal activity, makes recommendations, and/or takes appropriate action to reduce the cost of providing services.
  • Investigate, gather information, and answer routine queries arising from CFO, Administration, and Directors.
  • Prepare statistical reports and create standard and ad hoc reports for CFO and other departments as requested.
  • Develop and maintain a good knowledge of processes and procedures in regards to the accounting system.
  • Apply basic accounting knowledge and techniques to all areas of work, including routine costing and variance analysis.
  • Perform financial calculations to support financial transactions.
  • Assist in ensuring departmental compliance with established policies and other regulatory standards, including safety, environmental and legal requirements, and policies and procedures, both internal and external.
  • Participate in performance improvement.
  • Communicate pertinent information to employees.
  • Provide clerical and general support to controller as directed.
  • Assist the controller with special projects reports as requested.
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